The unveiled thread

Psalida does not represent just a brand. Psalida represents a concept and a complex goal: facing a multifarious market by not simply creating fashion, but proposing a new product. Psalida aims to be a tale, a narration, item after item, of its own true self, finding its strength in the nature of women who are wearing it. A modern tale in its human component, growing stronger on the pillars of its past, a productive strength, rigorously Made in Italy, which can boast half of a century’s experience in the fashion industry. This intended connection between the actual past and the abstract present constitutes our essence, a story of that past which, by enhancing it, is able to transform it into the perfect foundations for a bright present.

Fall / Winter collection 2020-21

Spring / Summer collection 2020

Fashion as an expression of one’s
own being and of one’s own history: present, past and future.