The unveiled thread

The unveiled thread

Psalida does not represent just a brand. Psalida represents a concept and a complex goal: facing a multifarious market by not simply creating fashion, but proposing a new product. Psalida aims to be a tale, a narration, item after item, of its own true self, finding its strength in the nature of women who are wearing it. A modern tale in its human component, growing stronger on the pillars of its past, a productive strength, rigorously Made in Italy, which can boast half of a century’s experience in the fashion industry. This intended connection between the actual past and the abstract present constitutes our essence, a story of that past which, by enhancing it, is able to transform it into the perfect foundations for a bright present.

Not to lose the thread

Narrating implies to put forward several steps that, taken as a whole, produce a full text. Our creations follow this concept, through a unique and weighted use of precious visible seams, manufactured with a silk thread taking on a double meaning. One is the exaltation of the manufacturing, bringing out that strong past, which nourishes our production, and, furthermore, they hide an unassailable conceptual value. All of the topstitching represents a step, a precise phase of a woman’s life that she is choosing to show by wearing our items.

Every stitch becomes, consequently, a letter, a word, and a sentence which, combined all together, create that rare tale, which is namely our own nature, that we want to pass on. Moreover, this silk thread is reminiscent of an ancient and ethereal legend of the Fates, who were the absolute masters of human destiny in Greek mythology. They are women using a spindle and scissors controlling human lives through a mysterious silk thread. The name Psalida comes from that, it is, in fact, the ancient Greek word for scissors. This is a clear reminder of that ancient sartorial art that we want to protect and preserve by tying inextricably the life’s thread to all our creations, stitch after stitch, patch after patch, tale after tale.

Our mission

We exalt the production that is born from a deep bonding with a strong past. A production that benefits from a great experience that we are willing to preserve and make eternal. This experience enables us to create at the highest level, both qualitatively and quantitatively, while maintaining a tailoring dimension with which we cannot do without. Losing it would mean destroying our essence and telling a completely different story from ours and from that of all women wearing our creations.

Our vision

We give our clothing the ability to speak for themselves to go beyond the mere aesthetics of the item itself, in order to say something about the woman who is wearing it, and to tell about ourselves and where we come from.